My husband and I registered for Nicia's Lamaze class thinking we'd learn some breathing and pain management techniques and that's about it. Boy, were we wrong. We got SO MUCH MORE. Nicia provides Lamaze and birth training but also gives parents the knowledge they need to make the best choices possible during labor and delivery. You will learn about the entire birth process, which is incredibly empowering. And Nicia guides you through 'what-if' scenarios so you know your options for various birth scenarios (needing Pitocin, having a c-section, etc). Nicia creates a judgement-free classroom where all birthing options are respected and you can freely ask questions. My husband and I highly recommend Lamaze classes with Nicia. Do it for your peace of mind, and do it so you can focus on your baby without any worries!" -Christine Ayar Illichmann

Nicia is WONDERFUL at providing a well balanced approach to Lamaze and a variety of birthing techniques.  My husband and I are both physicians and are well aware of the 'cascade of medical intervention' that can sometimes occur during delivery.  Nicia provided us with the necessary tools of courage and strength to go for the all-natural VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) delivery that we always wanted.   I really can't thank her enough for everything that she did for our family!  Forever grateful, Heather Delaney

When I became pregnant years ago, none of my friends at the time had children yet. I found myself clawing for information, reading books, signing up for classes, registering for everything I thought I needed. I was also starting to get scared of the birth process. Luckily, I found Nicia's services online and she was able to meet my husband and I at our home for private classes, and truly gave us every tool we needed to work together and have a successful labor and birth experience. Every bit of the classes was something I found incredibly useful as a first time mother. When the time came to give birth (I was induced), Nicia had prepared me for all types of scenario's and what to expect. I wasn't scared at all, and entered my birth experience being extremely positive and confident in myself.  I was also fearful my husband would just be a mess and say the wrong thing at the wrong time, or not know how to support me through my labor. Nicia whipped him right into shape and trained him to be the most perfect birthing partner as well as show a little more sympathy towards the end of my pregnancy. I ended up suffering from a severe pubic symphysis injury from the birth, and if I hadn't taken Nicia's class that filled me with so much positivity, and confidence I would not have been as perseverant or optimistic about my recovery. Her class truly put me in such a great state before giving birth, and relieved any fear or anxiety that I was experiencing. Even with my second baby nearly 3 years later.... I started labor at 4am and immediately went looking through all the books/notes I had taken in Nicia's class and desperately gave myself a little refresher. But I remembered all the key things she had told me, followed those instructions and had a wonderful labor and birth experience. Nicia has an overall positive, welcoming and nurturing attitude- which is the perfect combination for someone teaching a class like this. As a first time parent, she gave me all the tools I needed to be informed and make my own choices. Her class was truly invaluable to me, and I'm so grateful I came across her services.

 -Rachel Hartley Fujioka

My husband and I took Nicia’s Lamaze class in the 3rd trimester. Initially, I hadn’t even thought about a natural or un-medicated birth, but after lots of research, I began to become more open to the idea. After watching a few documentaries and reading a few books, I decided it would be beneficial to take a Lamaze class. We instantly connected with Nicia. She is the perfect teacher and was open to my thoughts, ideas and answered many of my silly questions! We learned so much from Nicia regarding the birthing process, what to expect and ways to manage the pain of childbirth. Throughout the class, there was never a dull moment and we were always eager to learn more! Regardless of if you plan on having a natural birth or not, I highly recommend this course. As a mom who recently gave birth, it is important to understand breathing and other pain management techniques while you wait for the epidural or other pain medication to be administered if you are planning to go that route! Our birth experience would not have been the same without the skills we learned from Nicia!   -Allison Chance