Lamaze Classes in Hawaii

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Frequently Asked Questions


How would a childbirth class help me?

Gain confidence about your upcoming birth experience. Moms learn what to expect from their bodies, how to handle contractions and what happens during labor, birth and beyond. By combining education with focused breathing, relaxation and other supportive techniques, women can find more comfort in labor. Staying relaxed and in control allows the birth to proceed with greater ease, fewer complications and more enjoyment of this extraordinary event. Partners are a vital piece of this puzzle. Good labor support helps a laboring woman physically, mentally and emotionally. Some people finish these classes and realize that the support partner has as much work to do as the mom!   


Does taking a childbirth class mean that I have to have a "natural birth" (i.e., no medication)?

The classes prepare you for all types of labors and births - short labors, long labors, Cesarean births, inductions, labors with epidurals, back labor and much more. Many birth scenarios and options are presented, so that you are able to make an informed decision. The classes are a balanced presentation, with evidence-based studies and articles supporting the information. Since every woman labors differently and comes to birth in her own unique way, medical choices in labor are truly a personal decision. 

My spouse will be deployed for the classes and birth of our baby, but I want to take the class. What do you recommend that I do?

If your spouse cannot attend your birth, find someone that you trust, who is supportive and caring, to take the classes with you and attend your birth. A good choice is a positive woman who has been through childbirth herself, and knows what to expect. Some people also hire a “doula,” which is a professional labor support woman. 

Why does it need to be four weeks long?

The skills and information that you learn in each class build upon each other. Also, the time between classes helps you and your partner reflect on what’s been discussed so that the two of you can process these important life decisions. Also, a class that meets over the course of several weeks also provides you with support for a longer duration than a one time, quick class.

What are the credentials of the Lamaze instructor?

A Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) is recognized by the only childbirth educator certification program accredited by the NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies). They have demonstrated specialized skills and passed an international examination that meets the highest professional standards.

When is the best time to take a class?

Moms and partners should take a childbirth class about 30 to 32 weeks into the pregnancy. That way the information and training are still fresh in your mind. It is recommended that you enroll early, since classes fill up in advance. 

Does insurance cover the cost of childbirth classes?

Some health care policies cover the tuition of taking Lamaze and other classes. Triwest does not currently cover childbirth education classes. If you have a different insurance, check with the “Customer Service” for your plan, you may find that you can file for reimbursement. If "Childbirth Education" benefits are included in your policy, the letter of confirmation that is provided upon registration should suffice to submit for approval to repay all or part of your tuition