Nicia Platt, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Instructor

I believe that education is directly related to empowerment and positive birth outcomes. Taking this class will also have an effect on your new family’s relationship - Fathers and partners will learn how to participate in an active support role and studies show that mothers have a much easier birth if they are emotionally/physically/spiritually supported throughout their entire labor. Each woman handles labor and birth differently. With the opportunity to find her own “right path,” through childbirth, a laboring woman will have a much more positive experience and “birth story” to tell her own children. There is a lot of information and opinions out there, and I would be honored to help guide you and your partner on this amazing journey of childbirth and newborn care.

On a personal note, in February of 2007 our first child was born at Castle Medical Center and then three years later, our second daughter came along. We took Lamaze classes in preparation for each birth. What we learned in those classes, coupled with our own experiences, changed my life. After talking to various friends and family about individual birth experiences, I realized that there is a significant need to empower women and their families through childbirth education. Birth has the potential to have such a positive impact your life, ranging from the ability to bond with your baby to your outlook on your health, the medical system and even your relationship with your partner. Empowerment through education! 


The L.C.C.E (Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator) certification is recognized by the only childbirth educator certification program accredited by the N.C.C.A (National Commission for Certifying Agencies.) Becoming an L.C.C.E. is an extensive training process, which offers class participants the highest training and evidence based education possible. For more information about the history of Lamaze, visit