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 Find your own "right path" for your baby's birth through childbirth education that is empowering and fun.     


How Can Lamaze Help Me?

Evidenced Based Information


Lamaze childbirth classes are based on the most current medical evidence available. Supported by research and the World Health Organization, class materials are up-to-date with the latest information and practices to promote and support a natural and healthy birth.  

Certified and Experienced Instructor with a Positive Style


Created to help you and your partner engage and actively learn, this class series approaches childbirth education with positive encouragement and reaches all types of learning styles with lecture, discussions, handouts, videos and hands-on experiential activities. 

You and your partner - learning how to work as a team



Feeling safe and relaxed in labor directly affects the production of oxytocin, a key hormone that supports labor progress. By learning how to work together, through touch, relaxation exercises and comfort positions, you and your partner will be prepared to handle contractions with more confidence and less tension/fear.

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Instructor, Nicia Platt, L.C.C.E.

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